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Acharya App(Android & IOS)

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Slokas/Thousands of Discourses/500+ Short Speeches/Learning Sessions/Bhajans/Songs/Books, while in commute, or at home. You are always a ‘click ‘ away from divine spiritual world. 


Prayer is the panacea of all the good, it enriches the inner divine qualities and elevates them to higher altitudes and makes man more perfect in all his endeavors. It removes inner problems like strain, stress, ego and so on.


Search bar makes it easy to search for any discourse, button, or anything. Full-screen and landscape mode availability for slokas. A lot more features available.


Download any files to stream offline so you can access basically anything on this app anywhere!


What does offline and downloaded mean?

Downloaded means that on the device you downloaded the file you can play it offline if you go to the same area.

I want to volunteer for this app

Good thought already! Serving the society and helping mankind, you can volunteer right here –

What platforms is this app available on?

The IOS store and Play store, click here to download now.

I spotted some inaccuracies or issues in the app, where can I send them?


We have almost all English sloka texts and Telugu. We added more slokas like the Goda Chathusloki, Sandhyavandhanam, and etc. We added the latest discourses like the Dhanurmasa Tiruppavai Discourses that aired recently, and the Bhagavad Vishayam discourses, and at least 20+ more discourses! The learning sessions we added are Bhagavad Gita, Panchayudha Stothram, Ramanuja Nootrandadi, Stothra Ratnam, Tiruppavai Sloka by Sloka, Tiruppavai Santhai Style, and the Vishnu Sahasranamam. Bhajans were also added like Hari Bol Hari Bol…., Govinda Hare: Gopaala Hare:, Adiesesha Anantasayana, and more, mostly all with scripts. At least 70+ short speeches were added, they are good for car rides. Another highlight that was added was Ahobila Jeeyar Short Speeches, with at Least 200+ Short Speeches! We added interviews that are available in video and audio. We added a new calendar for 2018. We added Discover Ramanuja Discourses with Captions. We added more songs and etc. We added tons of videos to this app and this could really help you on the spiritual journey of life and guide you. This app is loaded with knowledge, videos to watch, and more with the capability of using it all OFFLINE.


Prayer is the panacea of all the good, it enriches the inner divine qualities and elevates them to higher altitudes and makes man more perfect in all his endeavors. It removes inner problems like strain, stress, ego and so on.

Slokas: We have added slokas along with script in English, Telugu and Hindi, recited by HH Sri Tridandi Srimannnayana Jeeyar Swamiji. The Acharya app has the slokas mentioned below(Audio Format), recited by HH Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Along with script in Telugu,English and Hindi. All text is automatically offline and audio is available offline/online.

1. Aaditya Hrudayam 2. Haryashtakam 3. Hayagriva Stho:thram 4. Krishna:shtakam 5. Sankshe:pa Ra:ma:yanam 6. Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:mam 7. Srimad Bhagavad Gi:ta 8. Thirupalliyellicchu 9. Thirupalla:ndu 10. Tiruppa:vai 11. Tiruvaara:dana( by HH’s disciple) 12. Venkateshwara Mangalam 13. Venkateshwara Suprabhatam 14. Venkatshwara Prapatti 15. Venkateshwara Stothram 16. Kaantha Chathusloki 17. Godha Chathusloki 18. Hanuman Chalisa 19. Raamanuja Nootrandadi 20. Dha:ti Panchakam 21. Charama Slokas and Taniyens 22. Guru Parampara: 23. Mukunda Mala 24. Sri Rangana:tha Stothram 25. Yathi:raja Vimshati 26. Gajendra Moksham 27. Parathvadi Panchakam 28. Sloka Thrayam 29. Parama:rtha Sloka Dvakam(Achiradi) 30. Ashta Sloki 31. Etc.

Vishista App(Acharya) also has the process of doing “Aaradana” (Tiruvaara:dana “) which help you to do arradana at Home by just playing the audio along with the script

Discourses, Short Speeches by Chinnajeeyar Swamiji, Short Speeches by Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, Interviews Audio/Video

We have 100+ discourse in this app with the languages English and Telugu. Latest discourses are being updated on a regular basis. Each discourse consists of parts and is available OFFLINE/ONLINE just like anything on our app. Spiritual knowledge makes us closer to the divine and helps us in daily activities. We have short speeches by Chinnajeeyar Swamiji(very interesting topics) and Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji(Many Many Many Topics) and of course, short speeches combined are 400+ in our app! It also has Discover Ramanuja discourses(its own button) with transcripts so please enjoy that!


If you want to be closer to god and get on a better path in spirituality. Listen to songs to get bliss. We have Raaganjali songs(Ramanuja Songs), Chinnajeeyar Swamiji Songs, A multitude of playlists, Tiruppavai Songs, Ramanuja Songs by Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, Sri Rama Chanting, Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha Meditation, and etc. We also have bhajans(many bhajans included). This can only help you and uplift your soul closer to god. All as mentioned are available offline/online.

Learning Sessions Slokas

We have slokas, books, discourses, but wait we also have learning sessions! You can learn offline/online for these slokas – Bhagavad Gita, Gajendra Moksham, Panchayudha Stothram, Paramarttha Sloka Dvayam, Ramanuja Nootrandadi Learning, Saranagati Learning, Sloka Thrayam, Stothra Ratnam, Tiruppavai Santhai Style, Tiruppavai Sloka by Sloka, Vishnu Sahasranamam Learning, and More!


All videos are also available offline/online. Jeeyar tours, dances, movies, and more are videos in this app. 


Links Button – Will incorporate live button, chinnajeeyar home button, satvic website button(once finished), prajna, statue of equality button and more.

Photos Button – Has god photos and acharya photos(will put it into sections)

Latest Photos Button – Will link to Latest Jeeyar Photos

Quote of The Day – Has quotes with it and thirunakshatra reminders

HH Schedule – Has Chinnajeeyar Swamiji’s Latest Schedule Anywhere

Calendar – Has the latest 2018 Calendar(Panchangam) in English.

FAQS – Has all Chinnajeeyar Swamiji Questions and Answers.

Books – Many books to uplift the soul

Our Design & Development Process

We work with the top-notch Vedic scholars around the world for slokas, books, songs, and more. Chinnajeeyar Swamiji’s discourses, short speeches, and more is on the app.

Strategy & Roadmap.

500+ JET books available on the Acharya App. Daily quote notifications, filled slokas with perfection, bhakthinivedana magazines, and a lot more!

Visual & UX Design

The app has a appealing discourse structure with title, thumbnail, trackplayer, and more. The design looks really nice on the home and more screen with professionally created icons for each button.


We have the top-notch volunteers for JET working on this app and are looking for new members to volunteer to fix issues faster!

Launch & Monitor

We have a group of testers who regularly check the app for bugs and help move the app forward!


Acharya App

Life Guide/Spiritual

Unparalleled guide to Hinduism with so much content. 500+ short speeches, thousands of discourses, many songs/bhajans,  and a lot more all in one.

100k+ Downloads • 1k+ Reviews


Want to achieve a purpose in life? Have a guide in life?